About Morro

Located in the extreme south of Bahia, with its crystalline and calm beaches forming a beautiful natural pool with a great diversity of corals and fish, becoming an indispensable itinerary in your trip ... Here you can also find a rich history beginning with the Fonte Grande Which was the largest water supply system in colonial Bahia, a remarkable example of the constructive technology of the period. Constructed in 1855 according to the design and supervision of the Khartoum engineer of the factory built in Brazil, it is another example of the importance of the region during the colonial period.

The Fort of Tapirandú is considered one of the largest defensive joint in Brazil, still conserves 678 meters of its old curtain of walls and ruins now protected by the National Historical Heritage. And for those who enjoy nightlife and partying, Morro de São Paulo runs 24 hours a day, the excitement is located on the second beach where there are many bars and restaurants and nightclubs with parties until tomorrow. The day can be enjoyed with trips back to the island, ecological walks or dives in the natural pools.


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